22 November 2012


My name is Robert (or Rob), and this is the beginning of my blog.

I'm new to blogging. Kind of weird, I'm 14 but am more technologically behind than most other teenagers, so bear with me. :P

One thing you should know about me -- I love to discuss things extensively, and I love to learn about everything. That being said, I try to keep a very open mind at times, and usually (note usually) am neutral in debates.

I love writing, reading, reviewing, and learning new things. This blog will pretty much be for anything that catches my interest. I love watching Fringe, which is in its final eps, so I'll review that too. Movies, also.

I'll regularly post snippets of my writing on here, which you can praise or criticize. :) I'm currently doing National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo. Almost finished word count wise, not so much storywise. It's a complicated plot.

Don't think that this will be another genius blog that discusses random things. I hope not. I can be a random, stereotypical teenager also. I'm very changeable. >:D

I hope to read your comments soon, guys!

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