FAQ: Who is Rob?

 "I am such a strange mélangé of good and evil that it would be difficult to describe me."
 ~Lord Byron

The coffee-loving mastermind behind this
entire operation. Vikings didn't have horns, btw.
What is this place and how do I leave?
This "place" as you call it, is An Infinite Mind. It's my blog, on all manner of things curious, obscure, trivial, and just random. How one leaves is quite simple. Click on the "Join This Site" button or "Join by Email" options. After you have dutifully done so, you may leave. >:)

Who are you?
I am known by many names, nom de plumes, and pseudonyms. Currently I am R. Beck Clerval. Otherwise, I'm Rob. I love trivia, I want to be a starving poet/writer when I grow up, and I love hats and the Roaring Twenties. (Addendum: I apparently am a camel, so there you go.)

You're weird.
Indeed I am. Many of us, are. What's amazing is how many of us appear so normal.

What do you do on here?
I try not to talk about my life, lots of people do that already. Every Tuesday I usually post a new addition to my "Triviality" column. Every Thursday I have a "Country Facts" column, where I talk about all the countries of the world and some quirks each of them have.

What's this Triviality thing you keep mentioning?
 It's basically a column mostly every Tuesday where I talk about an obscure, random topic but in a way that everyone can understand and feel like Stephen Hawking. (REALLY obscure. Once I talked about a medieval Dutch empire. Other weeks I've talked about British dictionary makers, Hebrew number systems, and Danish kings. This isn't your typical baseball card trivia. Remember, mostly every Tuesday...unless I'm bogged down with work and can't.

I want to submit a topic and/or fact to you. Where?
Leave it to me in comments, or email me here: robertm617@gmail.com. I prefer comments, though. I get to them a lot quicker.

Favorite song?
The Show Must Go On, by Queen

Coke or Pepsi?

Favorite book?
The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

Are you a nerd?
You could call me that. To be honest I'm more of an intellectually trained classical scholar well-versed in liberal arts and philosophy and well-known in literary circles, but nerd is fine.

I want my friends to see this. Can they?
Of course. Have them "leave" by clicking that one button above. It'd be so helpful. :)


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