02 May 2013

The Book Report

"The Book Report" is the euphemism/codeword that I will be using for this ongoing project that I'm spearheading, and am currently doing. Click on the song in the literal music box, which will stay there until "The Book Report" is done. That song represents my ongoing moods/worries/thoughts.

The blog is also black, to represent mourning and depression over "The Book Report". Believe me. It is not an easy project.

"The Book Report" was assigned a month ago, we started working two weeks ago because we needed supplies and materials, and was supposed to have finished today. However, due to delays and problems, we'll most likely take another few days. By Wednesday I expect to have everything done. Hopefully.

There - I have my thoughts. I know readers probably weren't expecting such a vent, but there you go. Just a status update, of sorts. Hopefully I'll be back to Trivializing, and reviewing (The Great Gatsby comes out next week!!!) so don't worry. InfiniteMind isn't gone.


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