28 August 2013

500 Days of Summer (or more like 70)

Today is the last day of summer vacation for me (and many others).

The first post I made this summer was the classical music one where I enumerated some of my favorite classical pieces. I still remember that morning, getting up and banging out the words since I was in a daze, that summer was at last here. I'd had lots of stress since April and at last I could relax. (From May, where I only posted 3 times, one of them as a freakin' blog note, to July, where I posted 13 times, which sounds normal to you but unbelievable to me, shows how much I love summer.) Note: I did say once that when school started I'd be at Triviality 20. I'm at 18, which isn't bad, but 20 is actually impossible. I could have gotten up to 19, but not 20. If that makes any sense.

That night I saw the summer solstice for the first time. I discussed that as well, the only time I've ever had two posts in one day (though the blog won't show that, due to my editing tricks with dates) and so on.

Usually when this time comes I forget most of my vacation and things I did. Not so this time. Partly because of this blog, I'm able to remember topics I was studying. Usually I only remember the week-long vacations I take abroad or a pool or a chat with friends or something. If it hadn't been for Infinite Mind, I'd have forgotten I had an obsession with Nikola Tesla, I was bored (well, maybe not forgotten that), or that I discussed pictures.

I've done a lot this summer, possibly more than other summers. Though it wasn't as great as the summer of my 7th grade (two years ago), this one was a lot of fun. I went up north, I did 3 summer assignments (including 100 chemistry problems and an essay that was challenging because I wrote 650 words when I needed only 500 at the most), and blogged on here. I read a 1000-page book, something I don't think I've done since 2009, and 8 other books in less than 15 days. I went through 5 decades of the 1900s in six weeks (I was obsessed with the twenties, watched silent movies, listened to big bands, studied WWII on my own, did a makeshift sock hop in my room, wrote a '50s story, and beyond.)

This year will be much more challenging. I will take 2 AP classes as a sophomore, and 2 honors classes. I'll be in a journalism-cum-yearbook program full time, head a grade level in a club, and go through confirmation. It will all be hell at certain points.

But at the same time I need to relax. I'm notorious for stressing out over things that I needn't worry about. Which is why I am going to say, here, right now: I will try not to let this blog die, at least 4 posts per month at the least, and attempt to make myself less nervous and stressed out. Will it be hard? Definitely. Will it all be worth it in the end? Perhaps.

But I can keep on going. There's only 295 days till summer vacation rolls around again. 293 until my birthday. It may seem impossibly long, but when I think back and feel that 2011 was just yesterday, when in reality it was two years ago, then I know it's possible to wait.

Smile on. Summer vacation will come around again. All we have to do is wait.


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