16 October 2013

Hanged for Theft

We decorated our house yesterday. My mother, a great fan of all things Hallowe'en, was extremely enthusiastic, but I guess we all were. It's Hallowe'en, man! *shrugs*

We have about four or five skeletons. Not that big, and obviously not real, just about 30-inch plastic skeletons. Last year my brother had the bright idea to tie a string to one's neck and hang it off the tree closest to the sidewalk. I don't know if people noticed, but they likely did.

This year, however, he took things to an even more grim, darkly humoristic sense.
"I'm becoming more like you, Rob, I swear."
"It's a good thing."  "Not really."

He did the sign in all of five minutes, while the rest of us were tying cobwebs to palm trees and much else. I suggested he redo the sign to say something more poetic and archaic, like:

Let it be Known that this Day, 
October 15th, the Year of our Lord 2013
A shameless Prisoner hath been Hanged from this Tree
For the unpardonable Vices of Theft, Larceny and Treason.
Let his merciless Ending serve as a Justly Warning
To any who would attempt such a treacherous Deed.

He wasn't up for it, though, he said he had no more cardboard or paint. Oh well. But it still would have been nice. If people could understand it. Maybe "Hanged 4 Theft" is a good sign, then. People can understand it.

What do you think? 


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  1. I think your speech is what should have been read as the man was being executed (which would have happened, I'm sure, if you did it right and the man in question were not made of plastic) and then your brother's message could stay there as a warning to your neighbors.