09 April 2013

Triviality VII: Samuel Johnson

Here you go. Nine index cards, with everything I have to say on Dr. Samuel Johnson, one of the greatest writers English has known. :) You'll have to turn your computer screen quite a lot because I was feeling creative. Enjoy, and let me know how you liked it in the comments. Suggestions and constructive criticism are extremely welcome. :)

You will need to find an email, log in, and retrieve important information. However, you obviously need the username and password.

Use the clues below to find out what the username is, in order:

The last name of the grandfather of the first Holy Roman Emperor
The year that the most recent blogpost’s subject died.

Follow this by @gmail.com (obviously)

Once you’re done, go to gmail.com, and sign in with the username you deciphered, and the password, which is the name of this blog.

Good luck! Oh, also: the second number of the code is the second digit of the most recent blogpost’s subject’s birth year.

Enjoy! Sound off below in the comments. Anything I can fix or revise to make this cooler?


1 comment:

  1. You have such pretty handwriting... I hope that doesn't deteriorate your manliness or something but I do just want to say that your handwriting is really really pretty.

    I also liked the idea. It's like an archaic slideshow. Of course, I enjoyed the knowledge as well.

    Favorite part was when you had the hanged man. Maybe if you drew more hanged people it would be better.