01 June 2013

Some Thoughts On Varying Topics

It's June at last! Huzzah!

My birthday is in two-and-a-half weeks, and school lets out in three. All wholly good, commendable, honest reasons to venerate June as the best month of the year. (It really is, you know -- perfect weather, the promise of vacation and rest, and school letting out.)

And with the induction of June, I start to wonder about what the summer will have. Homework, of course, and summer assignments, for the advanced classes I'm taking next year. Maybe a vacation up North to San Francisco. (Personally I'd like to go to New Orleans, for beignets, and to see where the Anne Rice books took place.)

The Anne Rice books are really great. I've read the first 3, and part of Merrick. I recommend them for anyone who enjoys history (sort of), action, Gothic horror, and traces of erotic romance. (But nowhere near the level of that immoral Fifty Shades book series. Immoral, I say!) But I digress, back to summer.

The best summer I've had, up to date, was two years ago, in 2011. My godfather came to visit, as did my grandmother (even though she visited this past winter, it wasn't fun, and it was the first time I went to Hawai'i. Oahu.) Oh, and there was all this other cool stuff that I look back fondly upon, such as spending nights creating games, chatting with friends, listening to epic music, and much much more.) It was also when I was obsessed with anime for a while (a very short while, thank goodness. What happened to me then?)

I kid, of course. Anime is wholly commendable, and comically exaggerated. But I'm not an expert on it, for that I direct you to my brother and 95% of my friends/acquaintances at school and on the interweb. But I digress again.

Oh, and I got my second Moleskine. I finished the first last week, and I was so proud. I ended up keeping that promise that I made Christmas, sort of. I need to post pictures.

I've also been having an irrational obsession with musicals. Last year for my birthday I saw the Addams Family Musical, a brilliant one, and Mary Poppins, when I went to Washington. I'd love to see Sweeney Todd ("My right arm is complete AGAIN!") and perhaps Phantom of the Opera. Not to mention Anything Goes, and many more.

I have a love-hate relationship with musicals. They're hard to catch and understand (partly because I'm so used to subtitles on everything I view), and they're so SPONTANEOUS. Singing happens at the most inopportune and randomest of moments. Yet they're the American version of opera, of commedia, and everything else, and they can't be unnoticed/irrationally disparaged. So that's my take on musicals. (Plus, Moulin Rouge, one of the best movies out there, was a jukebox musical, and it was really well done. But that's just my Romantic Bohemianism going through.)

That's my random thoughts for today.
-Rob Miranda


  1. I'm so proud of you. :')

  2. Did Rob admit to liking musicals? I am amazed.