27 June 2013

Life Itself

Let's face it: for the past year or so I've been obsessed with philosophy. Because, you know, I don't lead a normal teenage life (Facebook, gaming, etc) and it's interesting to me (but then again so is the evolution of English, economic theory, medieval mapmakers, and political instability in the 1730s.) Just kidding about the last one. It's political instability in the 1790s. But all jokes aside, I was randomly contemplating matters some weeks ago, when these two words popped into my head:
Life itself.
First off, what does that even mean? Life itself? It doesn't sound right, but it doesn't sound wrong, either. It just doesn't make sense. Life isn't a thing, a person, but is it right to call it an 'it'? Is life even tangible?

Of course, it could just mean, "life itself". Life being something. Simple as that. But I read way too much into things...

My first thought was to look it up. Whenever something just pops into my head, I've usually heard it before. So I thought that I had heard it somewhere so I looked it up, but the only things that showed up were a song/band, and a biography by the late and great Roger Ebert. Then I tried looking it up in this one book about philosophy I had, but nothing on that quote.

Two months later and I still don't get it. But it's a great way to mindblow and confuse your family. That's all philosophy is. Come up with random quotes and put meaning into them. (Actually philosophy involves a bunch of thought and stuff but I'll talk about it some other time.)

(For the record: if anyone out there comes up with an interesting meaning for the quote, please tell me!) What do you think it means? Sign off in the comments.


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  1. I think quotes pondering the meaning of life are bound to make people's brains hurt.