05 July 2013

Country Facts - A New Column!

So up to now I've only had my weekly Trivia column where I talk about obscure stuff you didn't want to know anyways. Link here.

But inspired by yesterday (happy Independence day, 'Merica!) I will have a new column, every Thursday (or Friday - not sure) where I will take 10 or so countries, out of the 197 that there are, and give random facts for each of them!

Extra, extra, read all about it!
Of course there are lots of different ways to classify a country, and there are lots of countries out there that other countries don't recognize and vice versa. So what does a nation have to do to be a considered a country by me? Not much. I just follow the Sporcle method.

In case you don't wanna read that, it's simple. The 195 nations of the United Nations, plus Vatican City, because it's a nation and everyone respects it as such, and Palestine. Because Palestine has the exact same status that Vatican has, namely non-member overseer. So it's kind of like a junior state that watches the grown-up states? No, that sounds too awkward - oh well.

So, 197 facts, for each of the 197 nations. (But you did Switzerland already, Rob!) Oh, yeah, then, um, I'll skip Switzerland. They're neutral, so they won't fight. But then I'll feel guilty. They begin with an 'S'...when I get to them in alphabetical order I'll deal with them.

For my foreign visitors - if you want to submit facts for your country, please do! (But I want really obscure stuff that I don't know. Not like, "______ is the largest country in the Southern Hemisphere". Give me stuff about culture, languages, some weird odd law in your constitution, misconceptions, OBSCURE STUFF(a big one here at InfiniteMind) and more. Post them in comments to here or any country column I make.

I was gonna do it in alphabetical order but that's boring. I have a box where I'll put all 197 nations inside (I wish I could say this literally but I don't think they'd all fit inside). Their names. I will select 9 or 10 or 11 countries every week for the column and give you a random fact or two (likely just one, it's rather difficult to find wholly obscure trivia, which is what I'm aiming for). Thus this column should last about 15-18 weeks, likely more due to school starting in less than 15-18 weeks. I'll try to get the last column in by InfiniteMind's birthday on November 22nd.

If you know something really obscure about a country, and you want to help out and give me material, go right ahead! I love to learn as much stuff as I can about anything and that would be awesome.

(In addition I can't really decide on a date for when to regularly do this column. Thursday or Friday? You are the readers - you decide.) Sound off in the comments, I'm eager to hear your thoughts.


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