19 July 2013

News Of A Sort

My dear readers, I am dreadfully sorry for being sort of distant. Besides the usual triviality every week, I haven't really discussed much this past month. For that, I am sorry.

To begin, I've been reading. I've read Frankenstein (for the third time, I'm reading it for my Inglishe class now, and yes, Inglishe is spelled that way for me, because Sir Walter Raleigh spelled it that way in a death confession, or something or other.). I've also read Dracula, because I'd never read it before. Very disturbing and very good. An excellent work. And now, I am reading The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, pere (basically a French title which means "dad" which distinguishes him from his son, another well-known writer.) It's 1055 pages long! And so far, two days and 506 pages in, it does not disappoint, apart from a small boring sojourn entitled "Pyramus and Thisbe", a little chapter that is just too flowery.

So why am I saying all this? Why am I rambling awkwardly about life? Well, readers - I'm going on vacation for the next week, and I am considering writing an epistolary story on the experience. I know I'm bad at posting stories online aside from the odd excerpt every few months or so, but maybe I'll be better at revealing this time.

There may or may not be a Triviality next week - for sure Country Facts will be reserved for its revealing in two weeks, on August 3rd. I'm sorry about that, but the countries I want to start the column off are rather obscure for the Internet and my encyclopedias, sorry. :( As to Triviality, I may write a column tomorrow before leaving, and post it on Tuesday if my laptop gets Internet access.

This is just a heads up. Before I sign off for a week, I put forward this challenge to my readers: a game of sorts. I may continue it, sort of as a points game, we'll see. I will post some song lyrics. The first person to comment with the correct song is the winner of the round, with some 10 points. Anyone else who posts (maybe with a semi-correct answer or something) will get 5 points. Let's see how this goes!

Sing with me, sing for the year, sing for the laughter, sing for my tears...

To the next!


  1. Dacula and Frankenstein are excellent books, Dracut is oh so mysterious and creepy and I love the format(don't know the name buy I'm sure there is one) and as for Frankenstein it's wonderful, I read it just after reading brave new world and I immediately thought of John the savage as if it where the "monster" or creation, great and I belive the song is from areosmith not sure but I've heard those lyrics before, hope I'm right

  2. The format is epistolary. It's a pretty cool format! I need to read Brave New World...how was it?

    If you like the format, you might want to read Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes. It's the story of a mentally disabled man who becomes intelligent through an operation, told through his journal entries and 'progress reports'. Very good book.

    And the song is from Aerosmith. :) Care to guess the title?

  3. brave new world is amazing, it's a short read (finished in a day) and I've read it 2 more times it's a good description of the future and I actually think it may happen, don't want to ruin it for you, but it's a great example zon how. technology could "dehumanaize" us all, it's also great if you like takes on human spirit(john the savage) and a dystopian future(obese of the best with 1984 and we).

    I went through some songs in my music player and my brothers and found that it's dream on :)

  4. sorry for the typos I'm on my slopish phone and on vacation