30 December 2012

Desk Calenders and Dilemmas

Let me start off with the dilemma first, since I wish to record it here to remind myself. (Do I really want to, though?) My grandmother's visiting, her eye hurts like hell, and since she's visiting, we don't have insurance for her, meaning that this morning my dad took her to General Hospital, where (hopefully) they see her. :(

Now, unto happier matters. Desk Calenders. I spell calenders in that way because I spell in a fairly idiosyncratic way. "Leader" as "leder", lots of things in a British way, "limericks" as "lymerics" (thanks to a friend of mine), and much else. I like writing in a very different sort of way. And spelling is no different.

For the past 3 years, I've had a day-to-day desk calender, the kind you tear off every day and see something new. I've had Jeopardy Clues and Answers, and brain teasers. This year I didn't get one for Christmas so I decided to buy one off of Amazon. It wouldn't be the same. I am used to waking up and shuffling to the shelf where I have the calendar in its spot and tearing off the day before.

Now, the question remains: which one to get? Not Jeopardy, not brain teasers -- after the brain teasers last year, I decided to go a bit different and get something new. And it was there I found The New Yorker cartoons calendar, I had to act. The cover showed a police lineup -- ar, I can't explain it. It's awesome.

I eagerly await my calendar, though, thanks to the post-Christmas sluggishness, even if I ordered the calendar quite some time ago -- it shall arrive on 4th January. I don't mind. As long as I get it. And get to enjoy the cartoons and wit these clever artists use. I have great reverence for artists, because I have no artistic talent whatsoever.

And it doesn't stop there. I choose the best ones -- the finest Jeopardy! answers and trivia, the funnest brain teasers -- and save them in a small box, in fact a box where I used to store hatpins (don't ask). And it's a great way to look back. I don't like writing on them -- that was the main problem with this year -- and so I just rely on my acute memory to remind myself what the hell I was doing those days. I'm rather good with memorising dates, after all...

It's all a tradition, and one that hopefully I shall continue into my adulthood and middle-aged years.

To the next!

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