06 December 2012

Sing For Your Lives!

On this date in history...

I will be performing in front of the entire school (well, more like assorted parents/students/teachers/random-ham people who wander in wondering what this is) in the choir concert.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am not in Choir, and don't have the slightest intention of being in choir in future. But my Lit teacher made me join and while originally dreading tonight, now I'm embracing it. I love the stage. I'm in drama. I love acting. I can emulate over 15 accents. I do monologues. In fact, soon I'll be doing a dramatic soliloquy of the mad Dr. Heinrich Faust in front of 3 classes. Fun.

Tonight I'll be presenting a holiday poem I spruced up for the occasion, entitled "The Author's Christmas". So, that's what going on tonight. While I listen to Red Balloon, by the ever-dramatic group of Vagabond Opera, I get more absorbed in the stormy events of tonight, to coin a poetic phrase. That song is so dramatically amazing. It sounds something out of a storybook.

"In the year 1873, Dr. Xander Gerrymander ascended the heavens in his marvelous red balloon. There, to ponder the cosmic verities, sail above the blue, and see the stars.
There, he took his sweetheart Nell, and together they danced bouyantly above the blue. Until one day, she was lost to him.

So he's still there today, searching, seeking, in his marvelous Red Balloon."

All that is in the first 35 seconds. Not even song. The song itself is a work of masterpiece, unsurpassed. Currently my favorite second, I love VO. Farewell Kabarista, Ganef, Tango 'Til They're Sore, Welcome to the Opera, Bei Mir, Ich Hob, and The Transformation into Marlene are their best songs.

But I must bid adieu now, as I go on to other (questionably) righteous pursuits. I'm making a birthday card for my father. He's 40 today.

To the next!

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