05 December 2012

Fog, Fogg, Fog...

It's winter here in SoCal. We don't get snow, or hail, nay -- we get fog. And lots of it.

So, obviously, the best thing to so since no one in their right mind would go outside (unless, of course, it was snowing or raining candy or something like that) is to read. So that's what I've been doing.

I like December, but especially those foggy-rainy days like this morning because it gives me a chance to sit in bed, type this, and read. In the past hour I've read snippets from Around the World in 80 Days and The Great Gatsby. I've read both of these excellent books, and so should you, if you're reading this.

The Great Gatsby is particularly interesting. All about unattainable love, and things of that sort. Fascinating especially is the epigraph, because it was written by Fitzgerald himself, which is somewhat odd:

Then wear the Gold Hat, if that will move her-
If you can bounce high, bounce for her too.
Till she cry - "Lover, Gold Hatted, my high bouncing lover!
I must have you!"

That is excellent courting advice. :P If anyone comes up to me asking advice on how to get a date (which I've had to suffer through three times -- ah, the pains of being a well-known smart aleck) then, I'm giving that absurdly hilarious advice.

In other news, I shall be performing in the school choir tomorrow. I'll be reciting a poem I wrote for the Holiday season. I'm not scared. Why should I be? I love the stage. :)
But the timer rings, the car awaits. I must now bid adieu.

To the next! -Rob

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