19 January 2013

Fringe Review of Series Finale: Liberty and An Enemy of Fate

Full spoilers follow as usual.

I cried. So hard and depressingly. I'm not proud of it. What has been my favorite TV show, and often, sole divertment, has now ended.

It ended on good terms. I'm happy of that. But the sacrifices made were the worst of all. First, a brief recap of the first 80 minutes

Michael has been taken to Liberty Island. Broyles gets the info at the risk of Olivia gets herself jacked up with Cortexiphan at ungodly levels to go to the Other Side to use their Liberty Island. I knew we needed closure over there, at least a visit...(A daisy-chain of cool things, Wyman called it.) She meets Lincoln and Fauxlivia Lee, married, and asks for their help. She manages to get Michael, and then ports back over there, gets on a boat to the safe place over here. She says goodbye to everyone and brings Michael back.

Then Donald comes along, starts working on this really cool machine from the schematics that have been shown at least 20 times this season. He finishes, it doesn't work, he goes to December for help. December goes to 2609 to get the part of the plan they're missing, but he hangs himself? Loyalist killed him? IDK. But the piece is gone, and the plan doesn't work.

Acid, I mean Astrid, decides to use one of their shipping lanes from the future instead of Donald's cool device. They get ready, but Broyles has been captured by Windmark. Peter looks through the amber for a final piece of the PLAN, but finds a tape to him. He and Walter watch it, and it's Walter's sacrifice.

"I know in my soul this is what I am supposed to do," he heartbreakingly tells Peter. "Nature abhors a paradox. The Boy and I will live in 2167, and I will never see you again." The video mentions a letter Peter is supposed to get - which will lead him to the Lab, and Walter will not be there. He will have vanished.

Peter is sad, and Walter too. "You are my favorite thing, Peter. My very favorite thing." :) I was so sad at that point.

Astrid calls Walter over. She has found Gene, ambered. She didn't want to unamber her because she would moo loudly. Walter chuckles and calls her by her real name.

"It's a very beautiful name." "What is?" "Astrid."

Olivia and Astrid get the Fringe cases ready to attack. They need the shipping cube to open the wormhole, and they might as well get Broyles. At the lab, Donald tells Walter, "I shall do the sacrifice. I will cease to exist in any case." He has feelings for his son now, that he didn't have before.

Olivia and Peter go, and GO FORTH AND FRINGE-CONQUER!

It is impossible to explain the scene where they walk through the hallway. Floating Observers, killer butterfly, Ability Toxin, nematode worms galore, parasitic slugs in one guy's mouth, shapeshifter gummy face on another...It was so amazing and epic, and I was cheering and clapping for all the epicness.

They get the cube, and Broyles, and they all go off on a merry chase to set the PLAN.

The Beacons are for traveling to the future
The Equations are to calibrate the machine
The Rocks are to stabilize the wormhole
The Cube is to open the wormhole
The Magnet is to send the Beacons far into the future
And the Boy is to go into the future.

They use more Fringe cases "PETER! LOOK! WHAT DID I TELL YOU!" (cue floating guy) "IT'S COOL!" Oh, Walter.

They get it all set up, but then Windmark comes. The bastard. He starts beating up Peter and Astrid horribly, and Oliviar too. Then Olivia closes her eyes and makes the whole city black out. She gets a nearby car, drives it toward Windmark...


Finally, he's dead. At last. But Donald takes Michael and begins running. Running. Running. RUNNING...


Donald lies dead on the floor, killed by a stray bullet. Michael begins to play the little music box from last episode, and Walter looks at Peter. He nods. He takes the child's hand, they walk into the wormhole...

"I love you dad."


2015. The day in the park. Etta runs toward Peter...but...no flash. They get home, and Peter looks in his mail. He finds a letter from Walter. He opens it...

The white tulip.

Fade to glyph.

I cried at that scene. The father, and now the son. Walter is gone, September is dead, December is dead...and then all the Other Observers, but they didn't matter. Sorry, Team Fedora.

My favorite scene was the Walter-Peter lab scene, the white tulip end scene, and the Gene-Astrid-Walter in the amber moment. Walter didn't get a moment with Olivia, really. Sad.

Overall, 10/10. There were some mysteries in the series overall, but I'm prepared to disregard them as continuity errors. :) But this ending is bittersweet. Usually, I could turn off and look in earnest for the next season to arrive. Not this time.

No, indeed, not this time.

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