12 January 2013

Recap and Review of FRINGE Season 5, Episode 11: The Boy Must Live

Let me start by saying that this episode was everything I could have hoped it would be. However...

Plot A: Walter decides to go into THE TANK to find Donald. He finds his apartment and locates it.

En route to Donald's apartment, Walter tells Peter that when the Boy (Michael) touched him, he regained all his memories of the original timeline. Yay! "I thought you'd be fatter", he tells Peter, smiling.

They meet with Donald: September with a pretty good hairdo, some stubble, and a warm Mr. Rogers-esque outfit. But he only has eyes for Michael. They do this hand-touch thing, then everyone goes inside.

Donald tells them everything:

He was captured for betraying the Observers to the Bishops. They took his tech and did "the unthinkable": give him his humanity back. "I don't mind. I have always held this era in the highest regard."

On the fateful day of February 20, 2167, a Norwegian scientist from Oslo discovered that if one manipulates the portion of the brain of jealousy, one becomes exponentially smarter. Following this, the Observers were created: first the tech, then by an asexual breeding technique.

ONE PERSON REQUIRED: By using genes from one person, the Observers are able to create a person by building them in a tank. They become full-fledged rather quickly.

Michael was created by using September's genes. But early in his "development", the doctors noticed that Michael was becoming smart...but emphatic also. :o They stunted his growth, labelled him "anomalous" and were gonna kill him.

But September took him and hid him in the past (2008, with that ever-creepy scene of the Child under the site). "After seeing how fathers loved their sons in this time, I was...inspired to do the same." Aww. Interesting parallels betwixt Walter/Peter and Donald/Michael.

September watched a movie with Walter. It was "Singing in the Rain." After watching it he chose the name "Donald O'Conner" from the actor. So that's his name now.

THE PLAN is to send little Michael to 2167 and show the cold and crafty Norwegians that the Observers are not needed. With little Michael, one can be smart and empathic. But since Donald no longer has his tech, they need the magnet and all that random stuff.

BOOM. Answers, answers, and ANSWERS. Yes. While I love character development, I enjoy answers more than anything.

However, Oliviar tells Peter that she thinks she's gonna get Etta back. Peter is more reserved. After his venture to 2609-man, I think he'd be more embarrassed to see her back. But I hope that she isn't back. It sounds mean, but the show would have more meaning if Etta (and Nina and Simon by extension) stayed dead. To show that lives are necessary. And speaking of lives...

And off they go to get the final piece of the plan: some future-tech from 2609 in Donald's storage bay. Which leads to Plot Number Two.

Plot B: Windmark goes to the year 2609. (Which all along, I have endorsed and supported. Like "An Origin Story" that wasn't, THIS episode should have been named that)

I particularly liked the trademark Fringe Floating Location Sign written in English and Observer Language. I need to get solving that thing...I love cryptography.
He meets with THE COMMANDER of the Observers. Nice fellow. He tells him "Anomaly XB-6783746 has been located. He has been found hidden in 2036. I will ask for extraction."

THE COMMANDER says "no. The boy is irrelevant. He is of no consequence-blah blah blah."

Windmark: "These fugitives must be destroyed!"
The Commander: "What is wrong with you?" :)
Windmark: Ending their existence consumes me.

Poor Windmark. He's been a most intriguing character. Dare I say it - he's better than Mr. Jones and Newton and Walternate and William Bell? Indeed. All four villains from all four previous seasons have had their ups and downs (especially the disappointing Season 4 finale). But he ports back to 2036 (as always, hardly any exposition) and there.

Plot A and B combined: Windmark goes to Donald's apartment and he finds them gone. He turns on some music and his assistant starts tapping his foot to it. What is going on? I think THE PLAN isn't gonna work - instead it involves Michael showing the O.o, not the 2167 guy, that emotions are necessary.

Donald explodes the place but Windmark and his lackey escape. For once the Loyalists are "ept" and set a perimeter.

In the storage, Donald and Walter talk. Walter knows something grave- HE HAS TO DIE. Donald sadly nods. "It was your decision." That sounds so fake...but necessary. Am I in denial? It would be an intriguing ending but a sad one. Bittwrsweet.

Donald hands him THE ENVELOPE - with the White Tulip, from the 4th best Fringe episode ever. (1st, 2nd, and 3rd? Back to Where You've Never Been, Entrada, and Peter, of course.)

The Envelope is empty. "I'd like that tulip - where is it?" "I do not know, Walter." Walter needs that tulip - for catharsis, I'd guess - before he dies. :( And one final notice- "When you pulled me and Peter out of the lake, you told me that "The boy is important. He has to live.' You weren't talking about my son. You were talking about yours." Retcon! Peter is important, not bald-empathic-highly intelligent kid from the Matrix! I'm sorry, but this is clearly anticlimactic. But no matter.

They get the stuff and leave. Donald is not coming with them - there is something he has to do. They all leave, but there's a perimeter. They split up and walk to the monorail. They all catch up, but the Loyalists are coming and...

Michael steps out the door as it closes. And stands on the platform. Olivia stares in shock as the monorail goes away and the Loyalists find him. And take him to Windmark.

"Hello," Windmark smiles, as...fade to glyph. Then black.

9.0 out of 10. I wish there was more exposition, as far as 2609 went. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the answers, it was all pulled off well, but I wish that the alarm hadn't been so sudden. Windmark could have died there! Nonetheless, I cannot wait for next week's 2-parter series finale. :(

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