01 April 2013

A Moveable Feast

Easter's over. Unfortunately I was unable to make a blogpost because of the celebration and day. So today I'll just make a couple announcements over the blog at large that I've been meaning to make.

The site is changed to white for Easter. Yay! It'll likely stay that way until Thursday, or so. (yes, I know there is an Easter season for 50 days. But as it so happens, I want my red back.)

I'll be on a bit more, probably. I'm trying to leave certain sites I've been addicted to lately (no, not Facebook - yes, you, Sporcle!) and maybe I'll update certain aspects of the blog. Maybe.

Trivialities will be on hold for about a couple of weeks or so, because I want to try a new system I thought up yesterday at my aunt's house that might be fun for all you illustrious readers.

And I'm going to a Renaissance Faire in less than 2 weeks, which will be the first time I will use photos in the blog, as a sort of commemoration. Then I'll likely use photos often in posts.

All that being said, have a great day.

To the next!

(Note: Wikipedia calls Easter a 'moveable feast', since it always moves with the seasons. This is an excellent term for a holiday. It sounds cool. And it's a Hemingway novel, though. Posthumous.)

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