13 April 2013

Come One, Come All, It's The Renaissance Faire!

Edit 8/3/13: For some reason I'm having real trouble with this post. For example if you got here  through LinkWithin, I can't get the picture of Cory launching his marshmallow thrower. It disappeared. Other pictures may disappear as well, or otherwise the text becomes really big.  I'm trying to solve it but we'll see what happens. I may have to uninstall LinkWithin. 

HUZZAH! (for the generous tipper, may I add)

Today I was at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, a truly fun and memorable experience if you care about history, art, jousts, knights, people speaking Olde English, queens, clowns, mazes, and extra credit!

I can't really explain it because it was just so epic, so instead I shall make a Ye Olde Merrye Montage of Portraits (not photos!) of today's highlights, starring (in alphabetical order) Allison, Arturo, Cory, Judy, Kerry, Lauren, Matt and yours truly, Lord Robert Cyrano Hercule de-Savinien de BERGERAC! >:D

Captions are either real things said by those in it, or my imagination.

Assassin: Should I kill him? ...or just get a quick bite before I go...
Rob: Matt, you look more like a drunkard than I do
Matt: Nope...your expression's just creepy, man...

A courageous plot to assault The Queen...who of us 8 is courageous to do it?
Allison: ME!!!
Drunk: Fair Maiden, you shall lead us!
Rob: Everyone, there you go: Perfect person to blame. >:D 

Me: I'm thirsty, mind sharing some of that?
Guy: Hahahahah no.
Kerry: If you do not share it with us I will cut off your head. Now. >:D
Judy: Yeah, just listen to her...
Guy: Hahahahah - *dies*

Guy: Call me Sir Walter Raleigh
Rob: Aren't you supposed to be in the Tower or in prison?
Guy: Speak a little louder, would you? The Queen's like, right *over there*...

Arturo (thinking): Please hurry up with the picture before the Queens cut off my head

Rob: Is this a dagger I see before me?
Matt: RUN!!!
Rob: Nope, just a plastic sword...
Guy: That's what *you* think...

Lauren: Give me a go with the catapult!
Allison: Hahaha I've stolen Matt's >:D
Arturo: Guys...I'm trying to hit Cory's head without him looking...Oh, hi, Cory! 

Matt: Guys, I swear this picture is staring at me o.o
Judy: Just smile...Allison, what are you doing?
Allison: Oh, look, it's a sword fight
Kerry: No, it's just Rob waving his hat back and forth

Lauren: I am so pro at this!
Kerry: I'm sort of concerned about your aim...Don't go trying to hit me
Lauren: Oops >:D

Allison (thinking): And THAT is what happens to my sworn enemies.

The man of the hour, finally found - The Elusive William Shakespeare! Of course, I just naturally had to take the plume and use it as a quill to get his signature. Goal of the Day: Completed. Like a boss. Or a sir. Or...a Bard.

To the next.
-Rob (Hercule-Savinien Cyrano de Bergerac Miranda)

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