06 April 2013

Alphabetical Advancements and an Adventuristic Announcement

Prepare for a rather boring blogpost, but I feel like mentioning it, so what the hell. :)

I've been mostly avoiding the Interweb this week, and I'll continue to do so at least until May, because of large project I'm spearheading at school. Nothing to worry about. I'll still be on InfiniteMind, with new Trivialities and stuff I'm hoping will be at least a bit more creative than what I've done the past two months.

So why have I been busy? Besides the above project, I mean. Because...

I'm organizing my extensive book collection with a filing system! Yay!

I know, it's lame. I get it. But this is good. I don't believe I mentioned but last week I was in my garage, living there, pretty much, with the family. We were getting hardwood floors put in and all this stuff. And Thursday my bookcases just went in. So I've been deciding a new order for my books, since they're all in the garage.

It'll be mainly alphabetical, but as for my many (unfinished) notebooks and documents, I will put them in a "mind palace" sort of setting/ordering on shelves A1-A2. (Yes, I label my shelves.)

This is good because I usually put my books depending on favoritism or whatever. But I have too many favorite books. And it's confusing and most books end up on my desk than the shelves, etc.

So I'll be doing that this weekend. Tuesday I begin my new Triviality project, and then it'll continue on from there.

Just one last thing (that I think you'll all enjoy): I'm gonna write a Sherlock Holmes-esque story. Strictly for the blog. How does that sound? I was rereading all my Sherlock Holmes books and short stories over the break last week, and I am just interested in writing one. Plus watching all 6 episodes of Sherlock in a row (again) didn't help. So I'll work on that, and hopefully I get all of this done! InfiniteMind will be a very fun place to visit in the next few weeks... :)

To keep you busy, I'm titling the mystery The Adventure of the Broken Candle, and will feature a sort of Sherlock Holmes character who isn't exactly Sherlock Holmes-esque. It involves a broken candle (obviously), binary code, a journalist, an encyclopedia book, a camera obscura, and a spyglass. (This sounds so Lemony Snicket, but oh well.) It'll be in maybe 3 or 4 parts, to be released weekly. That's it.

TTN! (To the next!)

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